About us


Hello!  My name is  Rose, the founder of Glow Du Jour! Got doubts about whether or not my products will do the trick? Don't sweat it, let me break it down..

I used to be just like you, buying new products that promised to help me with my dry skin and hyperpigmentation, especially on my buttocks and inner thighs area I know TMI.  I've tried countless products on my skin to tackle my hyperpigmentation and dryness. But they never actually worked and some of them even gave me bad allergic reaction because they were packed with chemicals and just not made for my melanin skin.

FYI, I'm a total self-care addict. After a long day of work I like to take the most relaxing shower. Especially when I know the products are beneficial to my skin. 

That's why I came up with Glow Du Jour. My products are perfect for any skin type, whether you're dealing with dryness or hyperpigmentation or terrible ingrown hairs. My products can help you prepare your skin and make you feel confident again.

My products are made with 100% natural ingredients, vegan and cruelty free product. My products have so many great benefits for the skin.  My body scrubs are used in the shower to promote healthy skin and inspire happy moods. Natural granules remove dead skin, unclog pores, tone dark spots and prevent ingrown hairs. The body butters will have your skin silky smooth and oh-so-soft. Plus, they smell delicious. 

I understand your skepticism. Let me offer some help. Use this code "GLOWMEUP" get 10% your first order. Use it for 2 weeks as directed if you don't see results. You'll get your money back.

Have any question please don't hesitate to contact me glowdujourinfo@gmail.com